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Request password Request Password

When your e-Parcel ID is the same as your e-mail address, you can request to be notified of password online on this web site. Click the button just below.

* Unless there is some particular reason, we usually register your e-mail address as an e-Parcel ID for using the e-Parcel secure data delivery service. In this normal case, the online password request function is available. The target e-mail address must be your e-mail address (a receivable e-mail address) registered as your e-Parcel ID. The password notification will automatically be sent you by e-mail.

* Attention: Due to your operational reasons for the e-Parcel ID registration, if your e-Parcel ID is different from your e-mail address, the online password request function is not available. You can change your own password by yourself.

      To change a password by yourself, launch the computer and browser which has imported your e-Parcel client digital certificate, and then click the red button on the bottom of this page to access the "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser".

      For more details, refer to this Q&A page.

Request Password

Download certificate Re-download e-Parcel Client Digital Certificate

To re-download only e-Parcel client digital certificate, click the button just below. When you edit your e-Parcel ID registered etc., you must be required to re-install your client digital certificate.

 [File name: e-Parcel_your e-Parcel ID.p12]

* When installing (importing) a client digital certificate in Windows, you must sign in Windows with a user account which runs the e-Parcel client software.

* [Notice] Regarding update procedures at the expiration of e-Parcel client digital certificates News

    The e-Parcel client digital certificates downloaded before December 31, 2014 are valid to December 31, 2019. To access the URL of the "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser" after January 1, 2020, download new digital certificate from the button just below to replace the digital certificate. In addition, it doesn't affect any data delivery through the e-Parcel software after January 1, 2020.

Download e-Parcel Client Digital Certificate

Edit user info View / Edit user info · Change password

[ For users of e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Software (VCN-CommCenter 7.0 or later, VCN-AX 4.0 or later) ]

When you wish to view and edit user information or change password, click the red button below to access the "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser" through the browser in PC which has been imported your client certificate.

The menu "User Info" allows you to view and edit it. Also it is available to just view the inbox/outbox item histories (until month before last or a target date) online. The details are described in the following Q&A page.

The "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser" URL: https://secure.e-parcel.ne.jp/

* To access the URL of the "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser" requires installing your client digital certificate in OS or browser.

* Upon clicking the red button below, if multiple e-Parcel client digital certificates are shown on the "Select a Certificate" dialog, select a certificate of your e-Parcel ID and then click the "OK" button.

* Since April 1st, 2017, we are afraid that the send function by the "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser (e-Parcel VCN-Web)" has been ended to provide for users of "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Software". For more details, please refer to the Notice placed in our Home page.

* For more details in the "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser", refer to the section "Appendix" of the "e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0 Users manual".

* If it happened that your access the URL of the "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser" is denied in spite of certificate installation in Windows completed;

Visit and carefully read the following Q&A page.

e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser