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e-Parcel corporation consistently offer such services as digital data delivery service since 1996. It was introduced into more than 5,000 enterprises all over the world.e-Parcel is an epoch-making Secure Data Delivery Service for large-volume digital data via the Internet easily, safely, securely at low cost and high security level.

Service Overview Service Overview

e-Parcel Secure Data Delivery Service - Enterprise - Software (abbr. e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Software) is digital data delivery service via the Internet by just installing client software for enterprise users at high quality and security level. The data includes three-dimensional CAD/CAE, design/technical data, software source code and highly confidential data such as customer's personal information.

point Large-volume data delivery

Large volume data which is undeliverable though e-mail can be delivered. (Data size limit a delivery : Unlimited)

* Upon your request, data size limit a delivery might be configured for customer use with your company.

point Provide the easy, safer, secure delivery with operation as simple as e-mail

e-Parcel client software operation just as simple as e-mailing allow you to send and receive large-volume and confidential digital data easily, safely, securely.

point Convenient tracking function for a data delivery

e-Parcel client software can provide the transaction by tracking function automatically for your sent data.

point The streaming communication

Large data can be delivered at once according to the streaming communication that doesn't put the load even on the streaming communication terminal and the server in Intranet, and doesn't accumulate data in the route on the way.

point Automatic restart function and Auto resume function

It is possible to deliver the large data even in the region where the line circumstances are unstable, by using automatic restart function and auto resume function.

point Adoption of SSL/TLS

Security such as authentication, encryption and integrity has been ensured by the use of SSL/TLS as communication protocol between the server and a client.

point High security level (Authentication)

Adoption of the digital certificate based on X.509. for both the server and a client! The pretender is prevented strongly using the automatic operation of mutual recognition between the server and a client. (Encryption: AES256 bits) It must be needed to install the digital certificate based on X.509. to individual clients PC.

point End to End data encryption (Encryption)

In addition to encryption between the server and a client, End to End encryption between clients with AES256 bits (AES: Advanced Encryption Standard) is adopted. Furthermore, Secret sharing scheme based on PKI(Public Key Infrastructure)rest assured that sender and recipient are sharing temporary secret key for the data encryption safely.

point End to End HMAC (Integrity / Audit)

HMAC(Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication Code)is a specific construction for calculating a message authentication code involving a cryptographic hash function in combination with a secret key. As with HMAC, it must be used to simultaneously verify both the data integrity and the authenticity of a message End to End. Cryptographic hash function is also used in the calculation of HMAC on the server. Accordingly, it can be proven the transaction was generated by newly-developed audit scheme.

point It's simple to start up!

After you apply for it, we register your e-mail address as an e-Parcel ID. Just install a client digital certificate and software are given in your PC! Only with this operation, you can easily start e-Parcel secure data delivery service with other e-Parcel clients via the Internet. Accordingly, there is no need to affect the existing infrastructure such as your firewall.

* Please be advised that your e-mail address for registration should be the valid address of the domain by ISP (the Internet provider) or your company which manages own corporate domain. Free e-mail address may be restricted to register as e-Parcel ID according to circumstances.

Other description of Service Other description of Service

! We would like advise you to carefully read the terms stipulated below.

· The receivable period of the uploaded data is for 31 days from date of sent (created). The expired data will be automatically deleted from the e-Parcel server.

* Usually, when the client software is running and online, it automatically begins receiving (downloading) the uploaded data without recipient's operation.

· To see other description of the service, please carefully read the stipulated terms of service. Also, refer to the FAQ page of this site.

! Note: Please be sure to read below.

* Attention: An e-Parcel ID is NOT available to multiple computers. One e-Parcel ID must be setup in one computer only when the e-Parcel client software is installed. The details are described in the following Q&A page.

* Attention: Before sending data through the e-Parcel service, the e-Parcel ID registration for both sender and recipient must be required. And then to ensure security, both sender and recipient also must be required to complete installation of the e-Parcel client certificate and software on their computers in advance. You can NOT send any data to unregistered e-Parcel ID or not yet installed e-Parcel ID even registered as recipients. If send, the status "Unknown Recipient" will appear in outbox under this situation. The details are described in the following Q&A page.

Image of Service Image of Service

1 Sending

The e-Parcel client software GUI is similar to any e-mail program with simple operation. (Easy!)

Uploading file/folder can be automatically encrypted on the sender's client software. (Safety!)

2 Receiving

Recipients can download the sent data without any operation when a client software is running.(No-handled!)

Once a data is available, a e-Parcel client software will begin receiving data automatically.

* The availability period for downloading a file is for 31 days.

! Tracking

Sender can be tracking the sent data delivery anytime by checking the status of it in the outbox of e-Parcel client software GUI. (Safety!)

("Recipient Confirmed", "Delivered", "Opened", "Moved" etc.)


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