Question? I forget my own password to login to e-Parcel. How can I get it?

Answer You can request to be notified of password on this web site. Visit the "e-Parcel enterprise Service Menu" page and then click the "Request Password" button. Enter your e-Parcel ID in the application form for Request Password. Upon your request, an automatic e-mail notification of password will be sent.

(The target e-mail address must be your e-mail address as registered e-Parcel ID.)

* Attention: The request password function is available to an e-mail address (e-Parcel ID) capable of receiving e-mail.

* When you wish to change your own password by yourself, launch the computer and browser application which has imported the e-Parcel client digital certificate, and then visit the URL for the "User Info" of "The e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser" at https://secure.e-parcel.ne.jp/. (However, in case of the "Password Protect" function has been changed to be enabled ("Yes"), your current password must be required to authenticate when access the URL.) For more details, refer to this Q&A page.

* If you wish to reset password, please request of the e-Parcel Customer Support by e-mail (support@e-parcel.co.jp) with your e-Parcel ID specified. We are afraid that we will reset password and reply to you in the business hours (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00 JST), even accepting 24 hour inquiry e-mail.