Question? How can I update the e-Parcel client software?

Answer You can obtain the latest version of the e-Parcel client software from this web site. Click the menu "Download & Install Software". The following steps will guide you in updating the e-Parcel client software.

* This procedure below is shown in case of using a same e-Parcel ID and same client software on a same computer continuously.

* When you wish to change to a new computer, install the e-Parcel client software by just taking same as new installation procedures. In this case, note that you must uninstall (delete) the existing software from old computer. (Access from the Windows Start menu > (All Programs) > e-Parcel > ...) Attention: One e-Parcel ID is NOT available to multiple computers.

Procedure How to update the e-Parcel client software 
  1. Start your computer in which the existing e-Parcel client software runs.

    Let's install the latest version of the e-Parcel client software.

    * In case of using a same e-Parcel ID on a same computer continuously upon software update, you don't need to install (import) your client digital certificate (SHA2) on Windows again.

    * When you have confirmed the outbox items uploaded and the inbox items downloaded, start the update procedures for the e-Parcel client software.

  1. 1. Launch Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).

    Or, access the Windows 10 Start menu  >  Windows Accessories  >  Internet Explorer.

    Visit the URL for "the e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Software Download Site".

    URL (This web site):https://www.e-parcel.ne.jp/

  2. 2. Click the menu "Download & Install Software". See the page appeared and then click the "Download e-Parcel Software" button.

  3. 3. On STEP 1 page, logon with your e-Parcel ID and password.

  4. 4. On STEP 2 page, select same client software as you are using and then click Next.

  5. 5. On STEP 3 page, check the security of this web site and then click Next.

  6. * Usually skip STEP 4. Click Next to proceed to "STEP 6. Download Software" page.

    6. (As needed) On STEP 4 page, click Download to open your client digital certificate and then install (import) on Windows by following the procedure.

  7. * Usually skip STEP 5. Click Next to proceed to "STEP 6. Download Software" page.

    7. (As needed) On STEP 5 page, access the "e-Parcel Web Browser" to edit your user information.

  8. 8. On STEP 6 page, click Download to obtain the executable file for the latest client software.

    When your web browser prompts you for what to do with the file, select "Save" it to desktop etc. of your computer where is easy to find.

  9. 9. On STEP 6 page, follow the [Instruction for installing e-Parcel Client Software] to begin software installation. (Usually, after the existing software has been deleted automatically , the latest software installation will begin.)

    * In the beginning of installation, when the existing software is running, if it doesn't shutdown and then doesn't begin uninstalling automatically, you may need to shutdown (exit) manually the existing e-Parcel client software. See just below.

    [For VCN-CommCenter 7.0 or later] To shutdown VCN-CommCenter, access the VCN-CommCenter menu bar "File" > "Exit".

    [For VCN-AX 4.0 or later] To stop VCN-AX service, Open the "Services" of the Windows interface. In the details pane, click "e-Parcel VCN-AX x.x", and then click "Stop the service". Next, to exit the "VCN-AX Manager", right-click the e-Parcel notification area icon on the taskbar, select "Exit" from the pop-up menu.

    * For Windows: If the e-Parcel notification area icon will not be shown on the Windows taskbar, click the arrow next to the notification area on the taskbar. (Or, access the Windows Start menu > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > "Customize icons on the taskbar") In the pane "Notifications Area Icons" of Windows taskbar, select the "VCN-AX Manager [e-Parcel VCN-AX]" from the list and then change this setting to the "Show icon and notifications".

    * For Windows 10: If the e-Parcel notification area icon will not be shown on the Windows taskbar, right-click on the taskbar then select the "Taskbar settings" from the menus appeared. (Or, access the Windows Start menu > Windows System > Control Panel > Taskbar and Navigation) In the pane "Taskbar", locate the "Notifications Area", click on the "Select which icons appear on the taskbar". The "VCN-AX Manager [e-Parcel VCN-AX]" will be listed. Change this setting to "On"

  10. 10. When installation finished, the latest e-Parcel client software will automatically launch. Confirm that the status is "Online" on the client software.

    * If the status is "Offline", "Proxy Authentication Failed" or any other error status on the client software, refer to this Q&A page and check carefully.

  11. You complete to update the e-Parcel client software successfully.

    * For more details in configuring and using software, download the users manual from this site and then refer.

    * For any inquiry or request, please contact the e-Parcel Customer Support by e-mail (support@e-parcel.co.jp) with your e-Parcel ID specified. We are afraid that we will reply to you by e-mail in the business hours (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00JST).