Question? I forget my own password to login to e-Parcel. How can I get it?

Answer You can request to be notified of password on this web site. Visit the "e-Parcel enterprise Service Menu" page and then click the "Request Password" button. Enter your e-Parcel ID in the application form for Request Password. Upon your request, an automatic e-mail notification of password will be sent.

(The target e-mail address must be your e-mail address as registered e-Parcel ID.)

* Attention: The request password function is available to an e-mail address (e-Parcel ID) capable of receiving e-mail.

* When you wish to change your own password by yourself, access your browser application which has imported the e-Parcel client digital certificate then visit the URL for the "User Info" of "The e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser" at https://secure.e-parcel.ne.jp/. (However, in case of the "Password Protect" function has been changed to be enabled ("Yes"), your current password must be required to authenticate when access the URL.)

* If you wish to reset password, please request of the e-Parcel Customer Support by e-mail (support@e-parcel.co.jp) with your e-Parcel ID specified. We are afraid that we will reset password and reply to you in the business hours (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00 JST), even accepting 24 hour inquiry e-mail.