Question? Why dose the delivery status show the "Unknown Recipient" in outbox after sending operation?

Answer You must not send any data to the unregistered e-Parcel ID or not yet installed e-Parcel ID even registered as recipients. The delivery status will show the "Unknown Recipient" in outbox while sending. This data delivery has been failed.

* Note that you do not input the above e-Parcel ID in the TO, CC and BCC fields on the Send Dialog. (For VCN-AX, in the Destination ID field on the HotFolder conditions)

To check the error message, double-click an item shown the status "Unknown Recipient" in outbox. Click the "Error Detail" button on the Parcel Detail (Outbox Item) dialog.

* If the unregistered e-Parcel ID is found in the Error Detail, also confirm not to input invalid e-Parcel ID. It must not include full-sized English character and full-sized numeral.

Attention: In case of multiple e-Parcel ID (including correct e-Parcel ID) set as recipients, when the status "Unknown Recipient" of an item appears in outbox, this item has been failed to send to all recipients.

Procedure How to confirm error message 
  1. When sender confirm the error message of an item in outbox,

    * [For users of VCN-CommCenter 7.0 or later] If the VCN-CommCenter is not running, double-click the shortcut icon "e-Parcel x.x" on the desktop to run. The VCN-CommCenter GUI will open.

    * [For users of VCN-AX 4.0 or later] If the VCN-AX management console is not opened, double-click the shortcut icon "VCN-AX x.x" on the desktop. (Or, right-click the notification area icon "e-Parcel VCN-AX x.x" on the taskbar and then select the "Open" from the pop-up menu.) The Management Console window will open through the default web browser application.
    Attention: To open the VCN-AX Management Console must require starting the service "e-Parcel VCN-AX".

  2. 1. Select an item shown the status "Unknown Recipient" in outbox, and then double-click to open.

  3. 2. The outbox "Parcel Detail" dialog (VCN-AX: "Outbox Item" window) opens. In case of sending error occurred, the Error Detail button is activated. Click the button to open.

  4. 3. The "Error Detail" dialog opens. Check the corresponding recipient ID in the error message of item.

To check the error message, double-click an outbox item shown the status "Unknown Recipient" to open. Click the "Error Detail" button. You can not send data to e-Parcel ID which is not completed the software installation yet even registered, not registered or invalid e-Parcel ID.